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房角石华人长老教会 Capstone Chinese Presbyterian Church

2733 S 10TH AVE, ARCADIA, CA 91006-5067 TEL. 626.462.0133 FAX. 626.529.1568
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邀 您  一 起 探 索 生 命 的 意 义    敬 拜 全 能 的 上 帝

Capstone Chinese Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbytery of San Gabriel

in the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)



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2015 National Chinese Presbyterian Council Letter of Invitation


主内敬爱的牧長与同工平安 Peace be with you beloved Pastors and Co-workers-in-Christ:


美国長老會華人教會联合會向所屬各教会請安。On behalf of National Chinese Presbyterian Council (NCPCP), greetings to all member churches.


䝉各教会挺力支持使本聯會去年九月在美東新澤西顺利召開大會,主名得榮耀。With the support and efforts of various churches this council successfully hold an annual meeting in New Jersey in the East Coast of America last September, and the name of the Lord was glorified.


NCPC執行委员会很高兴地宣布2015年四月13-15曰台灣聖經公會將協助舉辦研讀本聖經的研習會,我們NCPC接續在四月15-17曰在美西洛山机為各華人教會主办另一个教會增長的硏習會。並安排NCPC 2015年會Annual Meeting 17曰两研習會後召开.  The executive committee of NCPC is pleased to announce that NCPC and The Bible Society in Taiwan (TBST) will be holding a bible study seminar using study guide bibles from April 13-15, 2015, followed by another seminar on church growth led by NCPC from April 15-17 in the West Coast City of Los Angeles; the event is open to all churches with Chinese ministries. We have also arranged for the NCPC 2015 Annual Meeting to take place on April 17th, following the two seminars. 



(1) 華人牧長信徒研讀本聖經研習會

台灣聖經公會The Bible Society in Taiwan美國長老教會Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)主辦



From Creation to Scattering – A Detailed Reading of Genesis 1:1 – 11:26


講員:彭國瑋牧師/博士 Rev. Kuo-Wei Peng(Ph.D.)

會場:榮耀教會 Church of Glory (Alhambra Foursquare Church) 3017 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803

时间:20154 13-15

此研習會  將介紹如何使用研讀本聖經,如何在靈修時使用、如何在小組查經時使用。並用兩三天的時間細讀創世記1-11章,來熟習研讀的方法,也讓參加者建立起一個正確的聖經觀與查經的方法,以便帶領更多華人現代知識份子通過這本古老的經典,領受上帝今日要給我們活生生的信息This seminar will introduce how to use a study guide bible, how to use it during spiritual devotion, and how to use it during small group bible study.  We will use 2 to 3 days to do a detailed reading of Genesis 1-11 to become familiar with the method of using bible study guides, give the participants the opportunity to establish an accurate biblical perspective and way to study the bible, so that more contemporary Chinese intellectuals may come to receive God’s living message for us through this book of Holy Scriptures that has lasted the ages.

敬請廣傳這個營會的訊息,一起來參加研習,與各教會同工齊聚一堂共同學習!台灣聖經公會並將提供住宿獎學金,讓大家可專心與會,不必每日開車出入Please spread the word about this retreat, gather together and participate in the seminar, study together with co-workers from other churches under one roof! The Bible Society in Taiwan is also offering room and board scholarships so that everyone can focus in the meeting with daily travel to and from the event.

另外NCPC華人牧長小組研習營會也將在同一地點接續舉行,讓各地來參加者,可以一舉數得,同得益處。請參附件的簡章報名表。35日以前報名最為優惠,還設有全勤獎!Also, the NCPC Chinese church growth seminar retreat will follow immediately at the same location, allowing participants from different locale to derive multiple benefits together.  Please use the enclosed registration form.  Those who are able to register prior to March 5th will receive priority, in addition to prizes.


(2) 華人教會2015牧長信徒研習會

2015 Seminar for Pastors, Church Leaders and Disciples of Ethnic Chinese Churches

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)



Small Group March: Multiple Ways to Growth the Church


講員:     王光智牧師/博士20154 15-17


現任:                 美國洛杉磯愛之泉國度事工總監 President, Ahava Fountain Ministries, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

學歷:                美國 Claremont Graduate University 音樂藝術博士(D.M.A.)

                              美國 Azusa Pacific University 音樂碩士 (M.M.)

                              台灣神學院道學碩士 (M. Div.) 

                              台灣神學院教會音樂系 (BCEM) 

經歷:                美國洛杉磯國際大使命教會音樂Ÿ小組牧師



最新著作:       《小組進行曲》:ㄧ位長老會牧師推動小組的心路歷程台灣教會公報社2014



王牧師曾受邀在北美、加拿大、哥斯達黎加、阿根廷、台灣、中國等地幫助小組事工、敬拜團、詩班與「管弦樂團」等培訓,也編著《30小時簡易鍵盤彈奏法》,造就教會中敬拜讚美司琴者,使許多不會五線譜的初學者美夢成真,可以在教會中彈琴服事神。此外,近十年來在北美及中南美洲各地主領並策劃了20多屆的「遇見神營會」 (Encounter Retreat ),因著這營會使小組的根基更深堅固。特別他們夫婦從開始六人的小組,發展到幾百人的一個牧區,再分出牧區,若非聖靈的工作,人的能力是有限的。作者亦出版敬拜音樂文章、詩歌創作、以及為詩班與管弦樂團改編的樂譜、敬拜詩歌等等。20153月初並受邀主理在台北雙連教會舉行之第五屆長老教會主任牧師研討會。



會場:     榮耀教會 Church of Glory (Alhambra Foursquare ) 3017 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803          


小組進行曲是一首無私的傳承樂章。在小組事工上,王光智牧師富有創意性的帶領與策略,突破傳統框架,帶領弟兄姊妹勇敢進入福音禾場,終而帶來傳福音的實際果效。讓我們一起來突破成長!The small group march is selfless composition to be shared. In the ministry of small groups, Rev. Kuang Zhi Wang is an experienced and creative leader and tactician, surpassing traditional paradigms and leading brothers and sisters in Christ to bravely enter the Gospel’s harvest grounds, ultimately reaping true and practical fruits from proclaiming the Gospel. Let’s break new grounds and grow together!

請各教會牧長會友踴躍出席研習會得造就,一起來興旺我們的教會,每個教會至少公費旅費派一位牧師一位長老代表參加17日舉行之NCPC年會,並請酌情補助參加研習會者之旅費與研習會報名費為禱。We invite pastors, church leaders, and members from all churches to join these seminar events and constructively benefit together, to revitalize our churches together.  Each church please sponsor the travel expense of one pastor and one elder to attend the NCPC Annual meeting. Kindly pray and support those participants who need financial assistance with their registration fees and travel expenses.




    Moderator:         高士超 長老   Elder Stephen Koh      Tel.  510-828-6850    E-mail:  

副主席 Vice Moderator: 潘乃豐 牧师   Rev. David Pan             Tel. 415-298-6128     E-mail:  

    Secretary          梅國蘋 牧师   Rev. Dr. Grace May     Tel. 978-394-4410     E-mail:  

    Treasurer:             黃志宏 牧师   Rev. Bob Huang           Tel. 626-353-2444      E-mail:


研習會用華語演講,需要聽廣東話或英語者等,報名時請註明,可安排翻譯。小組時間將分普通話、廣東話、閩南話或英語等小組。使大家可充分討論、分享與溝通。The seminars are conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Participants who need Cantonese or English translation please so indicate in the registration form.  Small groups will be separated into Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, or English group to facilitate discussions and sharing.


求 耶  稣       赦  我  罪       入  我  心       做  我  主